It’s Just Plain Hot!




Yesterday, my car registered:


Can you believe it?  Me thinks it’s gonna be a long, hot summa!

And I am using the Air Conditioner as little as possible!

Getting out the fans tonight!

Is it warming up for you too?


2 thoughts on “It’s Just Plain Hot!

  1. Drink lots of water when you’re outside. You can crank up the A/C at your work place, just tell your boss it’s to cool the computers. Wow 92°F. That’s like 50 meters right? And isn’t 101°F like 200 kilograms? Haha, just kidding 😉 My US friends often make fun of me for not knowing the Fahrenheit scale. It doesn’t feel like summer yet up here, but we are starting to get some warmer weather. The highs in Vancouver Canada is about 70 now which is already quite balmy for us. Hope global warming isn’t as serious as some say it is.

    • Vancouver and Victoria are BEAUTIFUL and sometimes I would trade you! I do think there is something to global warming, I just see so much weird weather lately.. Very freaky!

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