My First Rattlesnake Sighting


Wow, it happened today!  I was minding my own business, walking down the farm road.


And I noticed a bunch of  squirrels scampering all over the place and chirping. 

Then I looked over and there IT was:


This bad boy was half coiled and ready to pounce.  A real opportunist, just sitting by the hole in the ground waiting for the unsuspecting squirrels and rabbits.  Oh.. and ladies out taking an afternoon lunch hike!

Look at that Tail: 


I made sure I got a picture of the whole thing!    IT was huge!!!

Now let me tell you a story I just learned myself the other day from my mother, who is in her 90s.

I was out walking and I called her and told her I could hear rattlesnakes in the bushes.  Then she told me something I had no idea ever happened.

It happened in the 1800s to my Great, Great Grandmother Sophie.  She lived in Easter Oregon, which is very desert like and it happens that she was putting the reins from her horse in a bush and she got bit by a rattler!   That’s  what killed my Great, Grandmother! 

We come from strong, sturdy stock out here in the wild west, but even one of those bad boys can bring you down.  Back then I think it was a common killer!


Beware of the snakes!


3 thoughts on “My First Rattlesnake Sighting

  1. Yikes! That’s horrible about your great g’mother. How scary. Thankfully science has advanced enough, but it isn’t that rare to hear of people who die from snake bites. Be extra careful during your walks!

  2. Aaagghhhhhh!!! Hate snakes! Hate snakes!

    I’ve already made three ER visits due to animal attacks. The worst was the Portuguese man o war; then there was a bad reaction to a bee sting (my entire arm swelled up); then there wast hat time a rodent bit me. So I have a healthy fear of wild animals…..

    • Oh my gosh, you aren’t lucky when it comes to that! I hate them too. While I walk out there I am scanning. I hear them and it is really ewwww!!!! But I have to walk!

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