Pinterest Pics – Beautiful Places & Things

Happy Friday!

How are you doing? 

As you know, I base my life these days on monthly payments and the countdown (60 payments) to financial freedom!

This month seems so long because I made a trustee payment early in June for May and next Monday they are taking ANOTHER payment out for May!  So basically, two payments.  Gah!

I always look forward to making another payment because its one more step in the right direction! 

To make time pass as pleasantly as possible, I try to stay busy, do very inexpensive or free things, be as creative as possible for someone with no talent and I just try to be happy and grateful for the life I have.

Today, I want to focus on the beautiful things that I am grateful for at home and on the web.

(Because in reality my life consists of cat poop and litter,  hairballs, dirty dishes, laundry, stopped up toilets, work stress, teen drama, health, financial, environmental issues, … Pinterest, take me away!)

Let’s get out of here if only for a moment.


One of my coworkers is from Vietnam, it is so pretty.  She’s going for a month in February.  Lucky!


Ahhhh Oregon, home sweet home!


Oh my gosh, check out the following website.  Does this person really get to travel all over and take these beautiful pictures? Who is that lucky?


This is one kitchen that I could walk into and just feel completely at ease.


It’s a little classic meets country. Minus the ducks with blue bows!  Love the plants in the window,  Beautiful.

How can I not include flowers?


Abundance!  That is a beautiful thing.  Especially in Spain!



Southern California Baby?  Maybe!

cute babyu


Okay, I can’t resist this pic!  More flowers. 



Okay, I don’t know if this is “beautiful” but it sure is cute!   On second thought, I actually think whimsy is a thing of beauty.  It gives your mind time to relax!



Must add some Zen


Me thinks I have posted that pic before.  I must love it!

I am going to leave you today with More Oregon!


Back to reality, the cat box awaits!

Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “Pinterest Pics – Beautiful Places & Things

  1. So lovely! So clean and uncluttered.

    I’ve been to 38 of the lower 48 states, and Oregon isn’t one of them.

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