C02 Project

So Friday my kid decided to tell me about a science project that is due on Monday.  Great.

After a bit planning, we found a solution that meets all the requirements.

We got to work!


You know me and decoupage!


We turned a water bottle into the body of our hot car using the material from my jar project.  My kid is obsessed with every thing Pacific Ocean~!


We used straws, tea lights, material, paint brush handles and just about anything we could find to turn that bottle into a real C02 car! 


It really has to work!  After we figured it out, she customized her ride with stickers!


She added a surfboard to the top with a surfing dolphin too!


It really came out cute!  Love the wheels!


The bottom is the front of the car, the back where the  hole is,  holds the C02 that the teacher will pierce to make it go!

Cross your fingers it works!


4 thoughts on “C02 Project

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