New Grill Pan

Now you probably don’t get too excited over a new pan.  But I’m beyond excited to try this!

I stopped at this store this today:


I felt so extravagant!  A brand new pan!  Have you ever been to this store?  It’s a cooks dream, every single gadget you could want! 

I cook very simply, but I do think that having good equipment makes all the difference.

And getting rid of a trashed, beat-up grill pan that was given to me, used, years ago  is just the ticket to make our meals better at home.


The grill pan I use almost daily is trashed and not only that, it’s not right for my stove top!  It has ridges on the bottom!  I did not know that until the woman at the store helped me find this new one!  (It was also warped).


It’s beautiful and it is flat on the bottom.    It’s smaller but I can make two batches.   Oh and I won’t need Pam!

I got out of that store with with just my pan!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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