Six Random Things

Random Number One:


The forecast thru next Tuesday.  I know what most of the images are, but what on earth are the squiggly lines for Thursday?  Weird!

Random Number Two:  I forgot to do my 52 Week Challenge on Sunday!  That is the Second week in a row!   I am going to do ANOTHER I.O.U and promise to catch up next week!  Yikes!

Random Number Three:  The auto payment for May came out of my checking account. It’s official, I’m in auto payment now.

Random Number Four:  My kids C02 car did really well and didn’t fall apart.  I was able to be raced 2 times per the instructions!  We half expected it to fall apart!  Yay!

Random Number Five:  Books I am currently reading.  I have a few going!

This one I pick up at home when I can:


This one I will probably finish in the next day or two on break at work:


This next two I bought last weekend because I need to figure some personal issues out!




I have to tell you, having a chronic issue or two sucks!  I am still trying to figure it all out!

Random Number Six:  I love my new grill pan!


It’s the small things for me!

In other news, not a lot going on lately.  Just keeping my head down and trying to make it thru the first year!

I wish you good health reader.


6 thoughts on “Six Random Things

  1. 1) Swimming. Means your state/city will go underwater for a few hours. (Or it could be fog).
    2) Only 2 IOUs allowed! Otherwise it may get to 52 IOUs.
    3-4) Yay.
    5) I need to pick up more books!
    6) Grilling pan… how does that work with your coil kitchen? I’m moving to a house that uses coil stoves (sigh… no real fire again), so I’m not sure how that heats up.

    • Great question about the pan. Just make sure that it is not rippled on the bottom, make sure it is flat. I love the pan I got, it is small but it is my treasure now and I have coils. I don’t like electric either, but it is what it is. It heats up pretty evenly.

    • I am so sorry! I looked it up and that just doesn’t look like any fun! I will trade you though! It sure is no fun having an illness is it? Makes me sad!!!! Have you tried those pocket warmers?

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