Hello!  I hope you had a productive Saturday!  Today, we had our second Spanish lesson! 

Si, I decided to make sure my kid learns Spanish, so she, me and a friend of ours is taking lessons, from a private tutor on Saturday mornings!   Cheap!

spanish now

Sorry for the Internet Pic, I didn’t take my own!  Oh well.  So the lessons are kind of fun and my kid is catching on quickly and at least we are learning some!

Then it was off to shop for her graduation dress.  Yes, middle school here in So. Cal makes a big deal of it!  Where I am from, there was no middle school, you went all the way from grade one to grade eight in the same school.  I don’t remember any party or promotion from grade school! 

I am happy to celebrate, but it costs me a fortune.  AND her birthday is tomorrow so I spent some money on that.

I feel kind broke again!

Very hard to get a head when life happens daily, no?

Hasta manana!  Buenos Noches!


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