Hello!  I hope your weekend is going well.

Ours has been a little stressful!

To begin, we got up and I made my daughter pancakes for her birthday breakfast.


Then she called her dad to see when he was going to come and pick her up for her day at the the Santa Monica pier with a friend.

When she handed me the phone and said that he wanted to talk to me, I knew something was up.  Her grandmother is in the hospital with a broken hip and is complicated because of the Cancer.

We went to visit and then obviously, her dad couldn’t spend the day with her.  So I took a very depressed and sad little girl to get her nails done.


It was a good time to talk to her about life and how things can happen and our plans don’t always happen. Change happens.  Family first.

So then I was going to take her to Universal Studios, but then her sister called her and invited her to a BBQ.  That was the first time she smiled all day.

I, on the other hand, stayed home and did laundry and then headed to:


Can we just hear a collective, OMG that place is expensive!  But I had to get a few things that only they have:


That bread is Paleo Bread.  I have to alter my diet a bit because of some health issues.  I am eating no dairy, no wheat, no sugar!  I have been trying this since last Thursday and I feel so much better.  I still count points for Weightwatchers! 

Look at the ingredients to these snack bars!



I only intend to do this until I am well, and then I hope to add in at least Rice products.  As you can see, its low carb except I eat a lot of fruit.  I bought bags of it and have been mixing it with coconut water for smoothies! 

So, hopefully, I won’t go broke trying to get healthy!

Now go and enjoy some potato salad for me!  Hope you are having a super long weekend!

6 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Why is it that HEALTHY food is more expensive? Shouldn’t the CRAP food that everyone likes so much be the more pricier food? Glad your daughter ended up having a good day, even if it didn’t include her original plans!

    • Its crazy. The kind of bread I can eat is called Paleo, it is TEN BUCKs and I think calling it bread is a stretch. But everything there is outrageous! Sprouts is another store that is more reasonable. I just don’t think I can afford all organic, and certainly not Whole Foods! That was dumb!

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