End of a Long Weekend

Did you have a good weekend?  Did you spend it with family?  Friends?  Both?


Most of my family lives 1000 miles away, so I didn’t spend it with lots of family.  I spent most of my time trying to ensure my kid had a good birthday, which, in the end, despite everything she did.


Here’s the update on her grandma.  Grandma is in her 80s and found out not long ago that she has inoperable breast cancer.  It was bad.  They did radiation, to shrink it and keep her from going paralyzed, (long story).

But then Grandma fell this weekend and ended up with a broken hip.  She doesn’t weigh more than a feather so hip replacement would probably kill her, so they decided to put a rod in her hip, but she will end up in a wheelchair. 

As it turns out, she will not be coming home after the surgery, she will go to live out her days in an assisted living facility, not far from home.   We are all very sad and unhappy.


I am sorry to say, I think it might be best for her, because she is going to decline with the cancer and my daughters dad is not a professional caregiver, all though he has done a wonderful job taking care of her.  She will need the best care possible as we move into the next phases of her cancer.  She has declined Chemo and there is nothing else that can be done for that, just pain meds.  She has been a real trooper.


Now an update on me.  I have some physical issues and this weekend I am trying to get everything under control with diet.  No Wheat, No Sugar and No Dairy.  I don’t eat dairy much, so that hasn’t been hard.  The hardest part is no wheat. 


I do think I am seeing some improvement, but I plan to add back in some rice products.  I just don’t think that I have issues with that and if I keep it to a minimum, I should still see some results.


This was not a fun post AT ALL! 

The stress of grandma, keeping my daughter happy, staying within a very tight budget and spending too much on food and birthday gifts has stressed me to the max this week. 


I hope you had a wonderful, happy and healthy weekend! 

See you soon!


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