Almond Flour Pancakes

To begin, let me be pretty clear… These Are Not Cheap!

The flour in this little bag cost almost $10.00!!!  I won’t be buying it again soon!


But I just HAD to try these pancakes. I found the recipe on the web at .  I don’t have crones thankfully, but something  just as annoying!


I did not expect to like them once I saw the batter.


But as I got the process going, they came together nicely.  I was afraid, because they were thin.  I kept adding Almond flour until I could get some kind of consistency.


They cook up dark!


Not too thick, but I might not have used the freshest baking soda.  I used what I have on hand.


These are good!  You can really taste the honey and the texture is not awful.  These would be good with almond butter!


They will be good cold as well, to satisfy a carb crave!

I smothered one with yet more butter and honey because I LOVE clover honey!  LOVE.


I am so glad I like this recipe because now I can use ALL the flour and believe me, it will not go to waste!

Tomorrow when I warm up pancakes in front of my friends they are gonna think I am blowing my carb free diet!

Fooled ya!


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