Hate To Jinx It! But…

I feel good!  Got my energy back and everything.



I think its definitely my diet that has helped; mostly because I’m not overloading on REFINED SUGAR and REFINED CARBS!

I’m not saying I am never going to enjoy a pizza or a bowl of pasta again, just not a steady diet of it!   I’m actually kind of scared to try…

Pizza Pasta
But…OMG this looks so good!!!  source  Pepperoni Pizza Pasta!!!

I tend to eat a lot of carbs when I am pinching pennies because it’s cheap.  But not if it sends me into a tailspin health wise, it’s just not worth it!

So I’m going to continue on my quest to eat lean meats, veggies and lots of fruit.  I want to add rice products eventually, but I think wheat products are OUT for good.


How bout you, do you have to watch your diet? Any concerns?

One of my readers shared the idea with me to make pancakes with 2 ingredients:  One egg and one banana!

So tonight, I did!


Mash one banana and beat in an egg. You can add cinnamon too!


These are awesome and only 2 points for the whole recipe.  Load them up with berries!  Way cheaper than almond flour!  Which by the way, Tanner wanted to know how big the bag was in the picture yesterday, 16 ounces!!!

Thank you Vesta for the lifesaving recipe.  Link here to recipe!



6 thoughts on “Hate To Jinx It! But…

  1. Yikes, only 16oz. Thanks for replying to that! And question about those banana pancakes… I actually do not like bananas, but I know they can lose all of their flavor and consistency when used in recipes (kind of like apple sauce). Can you definitely tell they’re bananas?

    As for the low-carb, cauliflower may become a very good best friend. You can make it into cauli-rice or even mashed cauliflower with gravy. The internet is thankfully filled with lots of low carb recipes that are more delicious than they sound. I love your cooking photos, so hopefully you’ll share your experimentation with us!

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