Pinterest Pics – Odds & Ends

Yay, it’s Friday!  What a mix of odd, random pics today!  But it was fun picking them out.  Enjoy!

One question, is this real?  How lovely is this?


source  I don’t think I could just keep hiking by this view, I would have to stop and stare until I was dying of starvation!

When you were a kid did you make a fort out of blankets, cardboard or whatever?

Did you find a space between a building and bushes and name it “Shady Rest”?  Did you light up a stolen… (okay, forget that part!)


source This site shares many ideas for some really great forts!  Wish I was a kid again!

Awwww…. I wuv this little guy!

Mountain Gorilla<br />
Gorilla gorilla beringei<br />
10 mos old infant playfully climbing bamboo pole<br />
Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda

source I just love apes and monkeys!  If I could ever meet Jane Goodall I would probably hug her because I just couldn’t help it!  (Like that American did when the queen visited, lol)

This is funny!


source  The looks!

Oh My Gosh, classy little lady!


source  A real Pearl of a Girl!

Check this out!  I love to do this with binders!


source Now I don’t have to make up my own!  These are much prettier.

I made cash jars one time, but these are great!


source This might be a good thing to start back up!

This is so pretty and simple.  I love the mix of old doors with chandelier!


source Very Shabby Chic.  Which I know is passé, but I never got to have much of it while it was in, so I still love it!

Okay, I am not a Paleo Addict, but I found this and thought huh?  And I just had to add a site like this since I am interested these days!


source I can see lots of honey in my future!  Thank goodness I am still counting points!

I need to make this.  My old necklace stand is so outdated!  You know, the figuring with the hat kind!  Ugh!


source But first I need to paint my room!  As if!

Speaking of painting, can’t I just trade for this room?


source WHY NOT????  (great site btw)!

So, here’s what’s up!  Gonna drop my kid off at school, go take my lake walk, meet someone for lunch, visit grandma in the hospital, clean out some cupboards and try to get rid of more stuff, and then tomorrow, I cannot even begin!

What are you up to this weekend?

Oh and BTW… get ready to get caught up this weekend with the 52 week challenge.  No… I have not forgotten! 😉


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Pics – Odds & Ends

  1. I almost fell over laughing at the “crazy cat lady starter kit”. Oh, and I sent it to my boyfriend (he has two cats).

    Oh, I like that necklace/jewelry thingie. Never much liked the traditional necklace stands, even when they were in. So bulky.

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