Grandma Update, Recipe Ideas and Lara

Hello!!  I hope you are off to a good start to your weekend.  I got my girl dropped off at school, came home and enjoyed my last Almond Flour pancake from the batch I made!


Time to make more and use up that flour!  Got my walk in:


Later, I picked up my daughter and visited grandma.

You might remember Grandma is in her 80s, she’s fighting cancer and recently, she fell and broke her hip and wound up in the hospital.  Well, she had surgery on her hip, but the outcome is this.  She will not walk again.

Her bones are so bad the doctor said it was like putting screws in Balsa wood, instead of healthy bones that would be strong like Oak!

So… now that the surgery (a rod instead of hip replacement) is done and she is on the mend, tomorrow, she will be going straight to a long term care facility.

I know it is awful but she cannot take care of herself, her son cannot take care of her while she is wheel chair bound and it is probably for the best.

Her cancer is going to make her decline as well, so she will need to have professionals at her side.

Poor Grandma!


Speaking of taking care… I found these in a Whole Foods flyer:


Lots of coupons and also some recipe ideas.  This looks great!


And I thought I might make this dressing too!


I even found a coupon for my new best friends!


I love these bars!  Have you tried them?  Seriously, look at these ingredients!


I stock up and throw them in my purse with a banana on the weekends or a quick breakfast or snack!


I love them.. I think I already said that!  The PBJ tastes just like a PBJ!

Enjoy your evening and take care!


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