52 Week Catch Up

I am still in!  I just had a lapse!  Remember the beginning of May when I put in this IOU?


Well, I never paid it and then I got behind, so I decided to catch completely up this weekend!

Notice the right side has all the large amounts and most of my efforts have been on the left side?  Yikes, this is not easy!


I figured to catch up with be $87.00!


Four weeks including June 2~  But I am caught up! 


Whew!  I hope I can manage to keep up better in June!

How are you doing?


4 thoughts on “52 Week Catch Up

  1. That sounds like a very interesting challenge. Glad you’re all caught up! Those dates, are you picking which dates you deposit what? Like $1 was deposited on 3/31 and the $51 was in April? That’d definitely be a lot more manageable than trying to pay $40+ at the end of the year every week!

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