Bradley Cooper and Copper River Salmon

Hello!  Today was all about my kid.  We got up and I needed to play her chauffeur.  So I took her to her fitness test for high school sports and I waited.  At least there was a babbling brook to sit by.


Then I took her to Panda Express for lunch, but I was good and stuck with Steamed Veggies!


Then we drove to The Valley!


It was hot!


But it was her day to take her CPR training!


I took a pic of this. If only we all learned it right?


So while she was getting training my BFF took me to:


Where we walked around:


Went into some shops:


Tourist traps!


And finally to a movie to help kill time:


We watched the Hangover Part III and it was FUNNY, but we didn’t get to catch the end.  Cause we ran out of time.  But Bradley Cooper…. OMG!

Then we picked her up and headed to dinner in Calabasas!


That is the Seasonal Salmon.  I got my Char broiled.


Copper River Salmon is to die for!

And that was my day!  Who knew I would end up an Universal City Walk?  My life is pretty predictable, so that was a nice surprise.

Now if I can just manage to have dinner WITH Bradley Cooper next time!  😉

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, mine is flying like usual!


2 thoughts on “Bradley Cooper and Copper River Salmon

  1. Sounds like a fun day!

    It is broiling hot here; the humidity makes it worse. My cat is sprawled out on my home office chair, enojoying the cool wood. I iced him down earlier today (filled up a washcloth with ice, ran the whole thing under cold water, and ran it across his body). He actually liked it, even though it involved water.

    • You are such a good fur baby momma~ Guess what I am doing? I put a huge gallon of water in the freezer so that tomorrow instead of leaving air on, I will put that up on the bed, I am sure they will find it for some heat relief. Silly huh?

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