Terra Firma

Um…More like Terra Chips!

Today I was hungry and I was out at lunch (my salad back at my desk) so I stopped at Sprouts and looked for something to hold me over!

Wow… Again, just WOW!

I found a couple of great things!  These are so good.  A little high in calories, and there is canola oil, which is not bad, but really not good for paleo, but what the heck~  I am kind of fudging it!


And no sugar!


Then I grabbed a bag of these Apple chips.  Can I say right now that I so want a Dehydrator!


These are low in calorie, because look at the ingredients:


My new favorite snack duo!


Okay but look at the cost. That small bag of apple chips cost almost as much as the bigger bag of Sweets & Beets!


The price of dried fruit is cRaZy and I just don’t want to pay for it.

Last night I hopped online and looked at the price of dehydrators.  The good ones are up in the hundreds, but one site sells them refurbished for 199.00.  Welp, that is not happening right now.  But when I do decide to buy one, I am def. going with the refurb!

Do you like dried fruit?


6 thoughts on “Terra Firma

  1. I love the terra chips. We have them at the hotel I work PT. They are as fancy as they are delicious. But expensive as can be! Try the blend that has yucca and yams. It’s delicious.

  2. I don’t like dried fruit but my kids do! We’ve had a dehydrator for years, hubby uses it to make jerky. Yeah, I can’t afford to buy that kind of stuff either! Crazy!

    • Oh I am so Jealous!!! But I just can’t get one now. I am dying to get a new door! I need to save. I don’t need one, but I want one, badly. The old door is falling about (but it works) but looks so crappy!
      That is my next big thing. The dehydrator will have to wait.
      You are so lucky!

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