A Credit Card? Really?


Are you kidding me right now?

I’ve actually been getting pre-approved credit card notices in  snail mail for a few months and I have ignored them thinking they must be a mistake or just a marketing glitch and oh by the way… No Way Do I Want A Credit Card… um, Hello!


The last time I got one, for a reason I will explain, I put it in my notebook.  I forgot about it until yesterday.  I found it and thought, Meh, what the heck.

I went online and applied and within about one second, before I even had the chance to read the fine print I was approved.  Really

Eight months into a Bankruptcy and I am the proud owner of a credit card. !?!


Now, let me explain why I even considered it.  I have been reading how hard it is to rent a car with a debit card.  Yes, you can reserve one, but most Car Rental Agencies will decline it when you go to pick up the car.  I think it has to do with insurance or whatever, but they run a credit check also, did you know that? 


So I thought, wow, in case there is a miracle and I can ever afford to travel, I wish I had a card! 

What is so funny is I have NO idea what the interest rate is AND I have no idea if I agreed to an annual fee or not!  I swear, it was basically done in one click!

If you are wondering, I am allowed $500.00 credit per my bankruptcy documentation.  I got approved for a whopping:

$300.00!!!  😉

I think I will use it occasionally to help build back up my score and if I ever make it to:


Maui, I will be all set.  As if I am gonna even want a car!  As if I am ever gonna be able to afford a trip to Maui!

Is this crazy or what?


13 thoughts on “A Credit Card? Really?

  1. I’d definitely check about annual fees. If there are any, don’t even activate and look for something else. It’s great that you got approved for a card, but not if it’s gonna cost you money. If it doesn’t have a fee, then definitely start establishing a good payment record by using it and paying it off before they charge any interest. That way, interest rate is kind of a moot point. Let us know what the terms are! Should be interesting. Scary they’d approve people (in general) so quickly and provide little to no info until you get the card.

  2. I remember getting all kinds of credit card offers (and offers from car dealers!) in the mail shortly after our bankruptcy was finalized. I just kept throwing them all away. I didn’t even want or try to apply until over 2 years later. But, I think it’s good (IF there is no annual fee) for you to have a small balance card to use and pay off, to help rebuild your credit as quickly as possible.

  3. Ever the cynic, I will point out that some credit card companies love people in bankruptcy: they are living on very little money, tend to carry balances from month to mn

  4. I still have my Kohls and I have a Mastercard from Capitol one 360 (used to be ING) that I can rent a car with but it comes from savings. The trustee just posted a disbursement to everyone so maybe Wells Fargo can get off my back. I truly do not ever want another CC but I will have a hard time convincing DH.

    • I know. I think I have learned my lesson with Credit Cards for sure. I have been living on Cash Only for over a year now!!! If I had only done this before! Well, it is a CC world we live in and I will not get in this hole again, its so deep!

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