A Quick Note

Hello and thank goodness it’s almost Friday!

I just want to post a quick note and let you know that I visited Grandma in her long term care facility tonight.

It looks nice enough.  A little strange with some of the old folks sitting out in the halls in their wheelchairs begging for help and to be taken back to their rooms.  Grandma said sometimes they wheel her out there and she sits for what seems like hours.  Time probably drags.

I hate that.

But she seemed in good spirits, the place is clean, the staff seems friendly and competent.  My daughters dad is getting used to the idea that his mom is going to live her last days here.  She cannot come home.  \

We all lie to her because what is the point in telling her that her cancer will soon take over and she is going to go down hill and … well, the unthinkable.

But… when I got there she was lifting a weight bar and was chatting with a therapist who was lovely. She was doing very well.

She has flowers in her room, chocolate and a nice TV.   I think she needs some PJs and maybe a stuffed kitty.


We shall see about that.  Do you think she would like that?  I know I would!

Talk to you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “A Quick Note

  1. That is quite tough. Does she like reading or doing paper games (like vocabulary and sodoku?). That may help time go by faster. Sorry to hear you all are in such a situation. Best wishes and strength to you and your family!

    • Thanks Tanner, Grandma can’t see. I need to hook her up with some music and ear buds, or even books on tape. I can’t imagine how depressing this is.

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