Good morning!  I hope you woke up energetic and healthy!

Today, I feel like organizing my home,  painting the whole interior, redecorating, cleaning out my garage, my closest, making a bunch of food in advance for the week, no.. make that the whole month as well as washing my car, visiting grandma, grocery shopping… And the list goes on and on…

But in reality, this is what I have done so far…

I got my 52 Week Challenge out of the way!


I scraped 30.00 out of budget for it!


Its tight!  I gotta start working on the right side!

Then I made a batch of Almond Pancakes for the week!  I can’t waste that expensive flour!


I know they look dark, but they are really good!


I ended up adding a little honey to the top of this for a wonderfully healthy and digestion friendly big breakfast.

I can save the rest for the week!


Okay, I highly doubt that I am going to get any where near my unrealistic list of things done… I better get into my day and see what I can accomplish…

right after I crawl back in bed for a bit!


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