Getting Organized!

So last night I got started…


I pulled everything out of the cupboard and decided to go thru my craft and paint supplies and purge!  I’ll be doing lots of that in the coming week or so.


And now it’s nice and neat!


Oh to be one of the lucky ones who have a whole room dedicated to an art studio, office or whatever!   I would be happy with a half of a room!  Just to be able to keep my projects out and at the ready.

Once I got it organized I got started on a small art project.


These canvases have been hanging (and falling) in my bathroom for a while.  We are tired of them.  So…


I pulled out the Gesso and decided to paint over one of them.  Not the France one, I like it… for now… so it is spared. 


Bye Bye matchy set!


While I enjoyed my Peonies and my daughters beautiful “Handy” work, pun intended…


I painted and had a glass of white wine.  I need to put another coat or two on the canvas, as the original is being stubborn.  I plan on using this in landscape mode, not the long way.  It will look better in the bathroom that way and hopefully, we will stop knocking it off the wall!

Oh… and yes, I did bring a stem to work today.  Love!


Hope you had a pretty good Monday as far as Monday’s go!

I am trying to put together a small impromptu trip after my kid gets out of school and before she starts summer camp, next week!  Wish me luck.

I have stashed a little cash for emergency… ah hem… its an emergency.  We love to go and haven’t gone anywhere since last November!  It’s time.

Next week, Ojai!  I can’t wait to show you the cute little boutique hotel I found!  Two nights only, but its plenty!  That will be our summer vacation!


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