When most people think “vacation”, they think of two whole weeks on some sand filled beach where the only way to get there is by plane, train or a boat at the cost of at least a couple of grand!  Gulp!


When I think of vacation, I think of a couple of nights, three tops, someplace close enough to drive to.  I try to keep it pretty inexpensive by bringing my own food to prepare as well.  Easy stuff, fruit and salads.  Oh and internet and parking have got be FREE!


Last year, we went to San Diego and that cost me barely anything because my generous cousin paid for the rooms with his travel points.

During spring break, my daughter went to visit relatives in another state and I went to Santa Barbara, again, thanks to my cousin for the room!  Of course I had to pay for her airplane ticket, but one was better than two so she got to go alone for the first time!


This leads me to our vacation plans next week!

Welcome to Ojai!  Pronounced Oh-Hi!


Ojai, where this is absolutely nothing to do.  It takes less than an hour for us to get there and we found a fairly inexpensive place to spend a couple of nights. Just the two of us girls!   Its way cheaper on a Monday and Tuesday night as well!

My girl graduates from Middle School this Friday, then she is off for a week. She starts her volunteer job as CIT at the art camp for the duration of the summer and then she will have one more week off before she starts high school! High School!!!

So between all of that, we have no time or money to do much this summer together.

Welp, there goes the new front door.  But you just gotta live and you gotta make choices.

I can’t wait to show you the room and the grounds of the little hotel we found (a friend suggested it).

There’s continental breakfast, a pool and lovely views.  Just what the two of us need to regroup!

I choose Ojai!


7 thoughts on “Oh-Hi!

  1. That sounds like a fun place! Looking forward to the photos! I personally don’t think of ‘vacation’ as beaches either (ahem, hydrophobic), but sadly, most of the places I want to go to are rather far away. Why couldn’t my friends live closer?! Hope you all have an awesome time!

  2. It sounds like the perfect vacation spot.. Some of my favorite vacations were relaxing trips to places near my home. Have a wonderful time!

  3. Sounds like fun! I loved going on mini-vacations when I lived in California: the whole state has such pretty, interesting, warm, and sunny things to do, there’s not much reason to hop on a plane. (In fact, I went on a vacation to the Bahamas with my family and had the odd “Why am I getting on a plane to go to the beach when I live right near the beach?” feeling.)

  4. Have you considered camping or hostels? I went to Washington, DC, for nearly a week in 1997 and the hostel cost me $10 a night! They have family rooms (I was in a room with four sets of bunkbeds), but you may have to make a reservation for one of those. I got to meet people from all over the world and it was awesome! I was able to walk to everything I wanted to see except Arlington Cemetery and I took the rapid transit train to that. I did not go out to eat in restaurants. I could have cooked in the huge kitchens, but I am happy with eating fresh, so it was mostly buns, sausage, cheese and fruit. I did buy a salad in a deli one day. I won a trip later that year and was in Arizona for three weeks; one was part of the prize. I stayed in the hostel (much smaller) in Phoenix the night I arrived and I don’t recall the cost. It’s a house, with girls upstairs and boys down. It was also great! Well worth saving the cost on sleeping rooms and putting some of the money into adventures, I think. I was in my late 50s at the time, but met people older and much younger than I was.

    I grew up with camping and in those days you didn’t have to go to a campsite or pay. I still like to camp, but am not crazy about sites. Too many people for my liking. ~ Linne

    • My mom has seen the whole world via hostels. I wish I could do that, I just know that I would feel scared with strangers and no locks. Just the way I am. I wish I could, I am jealous!!!!

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