Scissors Are Ready


Happy Fathers Day!  My daughter is spending the day with her awesome dad and that gives me a little me time!

I am busy cleaning out closets getting ready to have another garage sale!

Let me just start my two part post with the 52 Week Challenge.

This week I am going in with a whole $3.00!


Its gonna be tuff to fill that right side of the page!


It feels like I have been doing it forever already!  Can’t wait for next April!

Now… onto the Credit Card I got!  Check out these terms!


Holy Fee’s!



Now we all know what I must do!


Yep.  Happily toss this baby in the trash.  I haven’t used a card since May 2012 and I can certainly live without this expensive baby.

But I have to wait to cut it up for tomorrow, cause I am calling to ensure it gets cancelled with no fees attached already!

As if I am that crazy to keep this card!!!!

4 thoughts on “Scissors Are Ready

  1. Would love to read more about your challenge, It sounds a bit like the Sealed Pot Challenge I’m taking part it, where people are saving for various goals. There’s a link on my blog on a separate page, if you want to see how other people are saving. I am saving to pay off debt I incurred when out of work for a year over four years ago, but once that is gone, I will continue to save for other things. I am also saving my income tax refund (it was for four years, so a good one) to cover the cost of moving back to BC and then renting a place so I can deal with my things in storage there. After that, I have no idea . . .

    Lots of my readers are vegetarians or vegans, too, so I follow those blogs as well. You may find some useful ideas and recipes there, too, as pretty much everyone is into frugality in a big way.

    I feel for your family, as I have been poor most of my life and am again now (but I expect to do better in future). This is a good chance for your daughter to learn about budgeting, about change in life (the one thing we know will come) and about planning for it and dealing with the unexpected changes as well.

    I was laid off last May (2012) and currently am still in the same apt. building, but have given up my suite. I live with my 90 yr old Mum for 6 days, then with my 93 yr old Aunty for most of 8 days (her older son lives with her when he is not working in camp up north). I will have to move once one (or both) of them is gone and there is no real planning for that. But most of my things here are in storage and the rest in storage in BC (where we are from and where I will return once I’m not needed here). So I do honestly know some of what you and your family are going through. It’s not easy, but once we learn to manage the stress, it’s a good learning experience. I think about the coming changes sometimes, so that I am less likely to fall into the trap of thinking it will all go on like this forever (I happen to like living with elders, so even with my Aunty’s dementia it is a good thing to be doing. Not always easy, of course, and some days very difficult.)

    I read once that this world is not a playground where we just have fun, but a gymnasium where we grow stronger and better. I find that helpful when things get difficult. Hope some of this helps. Sometimes just thinking outside the box (hostel, not hotel) can be helpful. ~ Linne

    • It does help, what a great perspective. You are like me, lucky to still have your mum
      !! My mom is 94, she lives in another state, and I miss her, but I call her almost every day!

  2. In the 52-week challenge, you end up putting in an average of $26.50 per week. That means that every low-dollar value week is balanced out by a high-dollar value week (e.g. put in $3 one week, and you’ll need to put in $50 in another week to stay on track).

    Re; the credit card. The term you are looking for is “desperate”.

    • LOL you got that right about the card!!! I am on it. I gotta call them and make sure they don’t bill me!!! This weekend I am trying to put in 26.00 but it depends on how I can stretch what I have in my wallet. The weekend did cost me more than I wanted, but I am not griping! 😉

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