Whole Food Dinner

In keeping with eating healthy I stopped at Bristol Farms and picked up a few things today.

Starting with this wine:


Love that it is organic as well as no sulfites.  That is so hard to find!  I either find one or the other.

Then I found a beautiful chicken!


It was (is) Good!  Plenty for more meals!


While strolling thru the aisles I found some butter bean salad in the deli.  No sugar.  Okay so not organic, but I only bought 1/4 pound!  It was not cheap.  Nothing is cheap, I have to be careful.


I added some cantaloupe and called it dinner.

I notice more and more I am not missing processed foods.  Just good whole food.  I think about pasta once in a while, and I might have to buy some spaghetti squash to satisfy that urge!  I wonder what my linguini and clams would taste like with that.  Squash and clams? Not so sure about that!

My health has dictated this change in my diet, it’s not going to cure me, but I do think that it is helping me heal.  Also, I agree that down the road the crap they put in our food is toxic.  I look at the people in the convalescent home and I can’t help but wonder if food didn’t have something to do with their diseases (and issues as well).

I wish I had seen the light sooner, but better late then never.

I also bought some dried fruit, mango and apple.  No sugar added.  The mango is so sweet!  Yummy!

Daughter is at a party tonight.  I am laying low.

See you tomorrow for 52 week challenge and the credit card came!  OMGosh!


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