The Blue Iguana – Ojai

We are back!  It was great! It was worth it!

Can I just say that if I have to be broke, I’m grateful I have to do it here.  Southern California has so much to offer!  Ojai is 40 miles from home!  This was our summer vacation. Two whole days of bliss.  We made the most of it.  You’ll see.

Our first day we stopped in Ventura and walked around!


One thing about taking a vacation during the week is you own it!

Check in isn’t until 3:00.  By the time we got to Ojai, we were starving.  We had lunch at this little place, called Azu.


The food was really good and I tried an Ojai wine.


I just didn’t like the wine (but yesterday I found my new favorite)  More on that later!


The food was delish!  And and not horribly expensive expensive.  We shared and took some back to the room too!  This place looks super trendy and fun.  Oh to be young and trendy!

Then we went to check into our home away from home. The Blue Iguana!


It is a very small hotel outside of Ojai.

We actually had access to so many outside patios, it was crazy  beautiful!

I loved all the patios and the serenity of the place.


We had a little kitchen that I took complete advantage of. Salads and Fruit!


We also had access to complimentary breakfast every morning!


They opened that up and had wonderful selection of breakfast food.  (sorry my pics are not so great, I totally took a vacations!  😉


I’m still so relaxed!


Back to the room.  When you walk in there is this little sitting area.


Then down a small hall and you are in a very spacious room!


Upstairs there is yet another patio!


It was awesome!


I have fallen in love with my So. Cal all over again!


We are so lucky to live here during a difficult time of our lives.


The first day we spent some time at the pool


Then we went to town and just kicked around.

The second day we rode the trolley and walked on the paths, went to Barts books and had appetizers at the Ranch House.  OMG!

I will post more about our little recess.  We actually found a wonderful meditation center and I brought back some Lavender that I already planted on my patio.

We are back and unpacked and relaxed and ready for summer! This feels a little extravagant, but believe me, it was done as inexpensively as we could without feeling deprived!

That is key to successful BK! 


4 thoughts on “The Blue Iguana – Ojai

  1. Glad you two crazy kids had fun! Ventura is beautiful (my mom used to live there), and yes, SoCal is where everyone else goes to vacation.

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