More Ojai – The Ranch House

Tuesday, the only full day were were in Ojai, we got up and had our breakfast at the hotel:


Then we went across the street to the path:


Then we rode the trolley:


While taking in some more country side:


We also visited Barts Books!


That is the outside of the store, but its really hard to tell because the whole thing is open!  If you pick up a book outside, just pay for it here!


Pretty cool place.  Everything is so open in Ojai!


I love bookstores. 

There is a super-dee-duper restaurant in Ojai that I have always wanted to go to.  I always expected to go with a date!  It’s kind of a romantic spot and since that romantic date never happened I decided that my daughter and I would go.  She is the love of my life and breaker of my heart anyway!

But… after the our morning walk, trolley ride, Barts and having pizza in town, we were exhausted and just kicked back at the Blue Iguana.  I didn’t think we were going to make it to the Ranch House.


But we rallied.  I decided we would go and just have a couple of appetizers and drinks.  Non alcoholic for her of course. 

So off to the Ranch House we went.


This is THE place in Ojai!  Its so… you just have to see it!

When you walk in, you are outside.


The place is a web of cozy seating areas and paths.



They even grow grapes!


We got our seat right in the middle of bamboo!


So tall!  My daughter ordered a Shirley Temple and I ordered my new fav wine!


After you order you are free to get up and just roam the paths into the garden and just be. 


Its a very small place and from the front (and even in the back) it looks like a ramshackle, but there is just something about the place.


Ponds and Buddha!

buddha path


I mean, how lovely!  We sat over the pond!


So I took my new favorite wine and we meandered some more!


Back at our table, I ordered pate:


My daughter ordered shrimp:


It started getting dark and the lights came on!  This is a little teahouse that was next to us.


By the time we left, I felt like I was leaving a fairytale!


Now I can say that I have been to The Ranch House in Ojai!  Finally!  I hope you can visit someday!


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