First Day of Summer 2013

Don’t you just love the “Keep Calm and….” Where did these come from?  I just love them!


Today’s Pics from Pinterest are all related to summer because, its the first day of summer today!

Nothing says summer to me like Outdoor Rooms, billowy white fabric and blue skies.  Check out this website!


Could you just?


I love this outdoor space!


Definitely check out the site, I’ll be spending more time there!

Last night I spilled a berry banana smoothie all over my couch!  I told my daughter its a good thing we don’t have the WHITE furniture I want!

I cannot post a summer theme without a surfboard!


To view some of THE most beautiful images, go here!


I could hardly tear myself away…

This looks pretty and refreshing!


This says it all!


No, actually this says it all! 


I cannot post this without adding flowers for you…


I have a vase so similar to that, I just used it for my daughters graduation bouquets!  I will show you in another post sometime this summer!

Check this site out, how cool!  I actually went to school in Oregon City for a short time a million years ago.  These are lovely Oregon Flowers.


I hope this post has brightened your day and got you excited about your summer!

On a personal note, my eighth payment was made today! 

52 payments to go!


11 thoughts on “First Day of Summer 2013

  1. Really nice summer pics. I agree, white may be awesome, but it’d sure be a pain under reasonable wear and tear. Especially with kids! Congrats on your 8th payment.

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