Spaghetti Squash – Done in 15 minutes


I love spaghetti!  Oh forget that, I LOVE PASTA any shape, size or kind!  But these days I am eating less processed foods, (even whole wheat) and so when I make this kind of pasta, I make it for my kid. 


I can’t talk her into my kind of pasta!


Now that is my kind of pasta.  It comes in its own packaging!  LOVE that!

I realize that roasting this is a great way to prepare it, but it takes an hour, heats up the house and also takes more electricity.  Not happening in my house.  Remember this?  I have don’t use my oven often, router, dryer, air conditioner, etc. as much as most people!

Okay back to my pasta (squash)!

Here’s what you do.

Cut the squash  in half, but first,  cut off the ends.


Its easier to cut without that nub on the end.


Scrap out the seeds!  Some people roast them.  Not me for many reasons, but mainly… I ain’t turning on that oven!


After you cut it, put about an inch of water in a baking dish and turn the squash upside down and place in the dish.  Cover with plastic wrap and place in the microwave.

Cook on high for 15 minutes.  Then poke it with a knife, it has to be tender.  Just poke it thru the peel.  If you need more time, add 10 minutes.  When tender, bring it out and let it cool for awhile, not cold, just so you don’t burn yourself.  


Then you can use a fork to kind of lift out the strands.


Get it all out, right down to the peel, it should be completely clean when you are done lifting it out, little by little. 


There you have it, a bowl of pasta.  I put some left over spaghetti sauce on mine this time.


But you can also put butter, parm, salt and pepper as well.  For something sweet just use butter, honey and cinnamon.

It’s like tofu, it will pick up the flavors that you put on it.

So there you have it. 


Pasta or pasta!  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Spaghetti Squash – Done in 15 minutes

  1. Ok, this might sound completely ignorant, but I didn’t even know you could put plastic wrap inside the microwave… let alone for 15+min! I’ve never seen this spaghetti squash, but I’ll have to look for it ASAP. I am trying to stay away from carbs, but I so so miss the ease and quickness of a pasta dinner. Not to mention the pasta dinner itself! I’ll have to be on the lookout and try this. Extra bonus points for a no-oven dinner.

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