Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden?

I want to let you know that we are all coping with the loss of our Grandma,  she was an important part of our small family and we will miss her.  Her funeral is next week.

(Is this really happening?)

I am trying to keep my girl busy.  She is doing pretty well.

Golf is playing a big part of that.


Do you know what “GOLF”  stands for?  It’s Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.

Hmph!  We shall see about that.


There are a lot of pink balls out on the courses these days fellas!

My daughter has been playing for quite some time, but not consistently.  Now that she is heading into high school, we have decided that golf will be her sport of choice.  So in order to get her ready for the team, we are practicing all the time.


However, she won’t be wearing these:


But aren’t they cute!?!  LOL

We’ve been going to the driving range nightly, and on the weekends she will be starting lessons.  I’m scraping together $200.00 for six lessons with the best golf instructor in the area.  I am so excited for her!


It’s getting me back out there too!  Last night we hit some long range balls, then we putted and pitched.  Her short game really needs some work!   Practice is key!

I just have to throw in these cookies, aren’t they cute too!


Anyway… tonight we are going to watch a video on short game technique.  I have a couple of really good golf DVDs to study.

Then back to the range this weekend.  I don’t think we will play because its in the triple digits here!

We are planning another garage sale for Saturday, so I am getting ready for that tomorrow as well.

How do we find time to work!?!


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