Here I Go Again!

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words.  Grandma will be missed.  I think of all the fun she and I had. I will miss our trips to the stores, pedicures, me cutting her hair, making her cakes and pasta salad, and all the fun things we did!  Heavy Sigh.

I miss her more each day!

Today was my day off and I spent the day going thru boxes in the garage.  I got rid of so many tubs of stuff!  Just junk I tell you!

Who keeps tubs of paint rags.  Really!  I stored rags!

So this is what my garage looks like now!


It is packed and ready for another garage sale tomorrow!  I know we already had one, but I just didn’t have time to clean out the garage and really go thru all my junk for that one, so me and my friends from work are at it… again!


This is just mine!  They will be bringing theirs over in the wee hours.


I don’t feel so bad because they were here last time selling stuff too, so I am not alone!

Does this stuff multiply?

I am so over junk.  I am done.  I want to purge now and never get more.  I feel so much better knowing there is actually space in my closets and garage and NO it is not there to fill up!  😉

I decided I want space, not junk!  Will show you pictures tomorrow of a very clean garage!

I will do my Pinterest Pics this week sometime!

3 thoughts on “Here I Go Again!

  1. well done! Nothing better to clear your mind than clearing your living quarters. I have moved many times over the past few years so every time is a chance to consider taking only the most indispensable items along. It is very easy to fill the space again though!

    • I have been so good about staying out of the stores. However, I do see a couple new pieces (cheap) of art in my future, but the old stuff will go in another garage sale pile! 😉

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