This House Is Clean

OMGosh!!  It was such a great garage sale, the best ever!  My garage went from this…


to this in less than three hours!


I never want to have that kind of collection of junk again.  I am so over owning stuff.  I am done with garage sales and thrift stores for a bit. 

I think I will save a lot of money by not buying anything!!!  Just food!

It feels so awesome.   I have room and I feel lighter!   Less bogged down!

No to mention I am $220.00 plus richer!


I am surprised that we did so well because today was really hot!


This was the temp in a parking lot today. 

We had lots of shade umbrellas and that was key, keep people in the shade shopping!

It’s supposed to be hot tomorrow too.  Okay, so it’s not really 120, that’s parking lot temp, sitting and baking in a black car temp,  but it is triple digit HOT!

Hope you are staying cool!


3 thoughts on “This House Is Clean

  1. Congratulations on the great garage sale!

    I hear you about “stuff”. I’m just trying to get rid of it, pare down, and figure out what I really need.

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