Planning Small Little Updates

Hello!  It’s so hot here! I’m doing all I can to keep it comfy yet not spend too much on air conditioning!

I want to show you some of the little things that I want to do over the summer… with careful budgeting and planning, I can make a few changes this summer that would really be nice.

But first, I was able to save $50.00 from the garage sale earnings for my weekly challenge. Yay!


How are you doing, are you able to keep it up?   Challenging right?  I know!

Back to my little updates.  There are a couple really ugly things that I want to fix over the summer. (There are a lot of ugly things, but remember, I’m on a budget!)  I have to pick and choose carefully.

Paint.  I’m gonna have to do it myself.  But look what happens in my living room:


The chair rubs it off.


So yesterday I ran over and grabbed what I thought was a chair rail:


And held it up on the wall and decided its a great idea!  (Look at that ugly door,more on that later).

So that is the first thing, a chair rail so that when I paint, it won’t be ruined again.

However, that is the wrong kind of rail, I need to get a smaller one, so I took that back today and priced the right kind.  I will cost about 30.00 and I just nail’er up!  Easy!

I also took one of my cupboards because I wanted to ask a pro the best way to repaint them.  They are loaded with old paint.


I’ll strip the doors and sand the inside parts!  I have a nice clean garage now to work in!

At the home depot I met this employee!


That was unexpected to look up and see this lazy worker trying to beat the heat!


I priced stripper and sand paper.  I also looked at crown molding too.  I plan on doing that myself.  There are ways to do it now that you don’t have to be a pro or cut angles.  I can’t wait to do that too.  One room at a time.

I looked at paint samples and brought a boat load home to help decide.


I can’t wait to freshen up this place over the summer, one inexpensive project at a time.

1) Chair Rail
2) Strip and Paint
3) Crown moldings (Moulding?)
4) New Door

Oh yeah, I stopped by the Doors & Windows Department to see what that would cost.  I cannot do that myself.  I set up an appt. to have someone come and measure and then they will give me an estimate.

Okay, this might not happen, but I did ask my friend if he could loan me a couple of bucks if I need to.  I hate to do that, but this door has got to go!  I showed the pic to the guy at Home Depot and I kid you not, he called my door “hideous”.  ;-(


There is so much space that the air just pours in (and out!)  I might save some money if I get a sealed door.  Cross your fingers for me, this is a financial stretch!

Did you notice the flowers!  Remember this post I mentioned I had a similar vase, this is it.  (By the way, gladiolas at Ralphs for 1.99 a bunch!!!!)


So that was my day.  Planning and dreaming of prettier colors and a less hideous door!

I always wanted a nice yellow kitchen!  Not lemony but more of a soft buttery, yummy yellow!

What color is your kitchen?


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