BK-13 Fears


But first!  It seems to be cooling off!


I talked to a techie guy in Virginia today, it’s over 100 degrees there and pouring down rain! Yuk!


I feel pretty darn lucky in comparison!


Lately I’ve been thinking about my BK experience fears.

Welp, so far, it hasn’t been horrible although there have been some really scary moments.

Car Trouble
Washer/Dryer Trouble
Unexpected Tax Bill, etc.

I will think of more…

These are the things that have happened.  There are other things that I constantly worry about… like:

More Car Trouble
More Appliance trouble (did I tell you the fridge was leaking the other day?)  More on that in a future post I’m sure.
Unforeseen condo upkeep, like plumbing, etc.
Health Issues

My biggest worry is that my monthly payment to the trustee will go up.

I think I can handle a small increase but what if it doubles.  Yikes!  The law office told me that it would remain the same throughout the duration, but I read online that the Trustee can adjust anytime.  They would adjust mine at tax time.  If they notice I changed my deductibles and bring home more money, they might adjust!  

Any DMI (disposable monthly income) is fair game.  Even if my wage has not gone up.  And it hasn’t.  Not in 5 years!  Not even a cost of living!

Remember, I gave the trustee  a $1300.00 (refund from state) but still had to pay $900.00 (tax bill to federal)? That was hard!  So I adjusted my tax deductions.

This morning, I thought about it and since I don’t plan on submitting taxes until at May for next year, I will have a reprieve until then.

I will be dreading the mail box after that! 


Have a wonderful evening, stay cool! 

What are your biggest financial fears?


5 thoughts on “BK-13 Fears

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  2. Same fears here…last couple of months alone we have gone through several thousand dollars that I had saved up due to auto repairs, new washer, fuel, house repairs,medical (DH has Fibromyalgia). So now I am starting all over again…..since DH is self employed I can truly only count on my income which 900/mo already goes to BK repayment,401 loan, insurance and taxes. If ANYTHING goes wrong in the next 6 months…we are screwed. Its so easy to turn to credit cards..isn’t it? I’m glad we don’t have any but it would be so easy to keep the saving and run up a CC again.
    I hope Murphy stay away from both of us for a very long time…forever would be good

    • I hear ya. I am doing little odds and ends around here, painting etc. In the back of my mind I am thinking I should be saving it, but… fingers crossed!

  3. I’m in the midst of my own health issues at the moment…We’ve been lucky so far, and I think the fact that we’re about to get a $400/month “raise” in August when our son starts school & daycare drops dramatically, is going to save our butts!

    • That is great news about the extra money and not so good news about the health! I love your blog and visit often Rachel! I hope you feel better soon!

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