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Hello all~  I am posting early today because I am actually home.  Sometimes when I have “issues” the best place to be is home.  I’m normally very good about going to work, even when not feeling well, but this morning there were too many things keeping me home.

So here  I am and I decided to post about painting.  As you know, I am thinking about painting my condo and now I just need to save some money for paint and pick some time to do it.  Easier said than done, but I am determined.

In the meantime, I thought it would be a good idea to see what Pinterest has to offer.  So here we go!

This is cute… but not my style.  I am such a simple girl.


There are a lot of fun designs here too!  I am just not brave enough!

Like these Chevrons, everyone is wearing, painting, decorating with chevrons!
What’s the draw?


This awesome website has step-by-step instructions if you are into it!

I love this idea!  Buy some frames at Michaels and glue to the wall and paint!  Viola, wainscoting!  Clever!


I like the way this looks, but I also like a nice white ceiling in small spaces.  I love the trim to be white and I love a ceiling to be white throughout the whole place.  I like the unity.
Even if the walls are different, there is some continuity in white trim and ceiling.  But this does look good!


But if you want to see some really cool ceilings go here.  But again, I am so simple!

I will definitely go back to this site for Painting 101~


I have been thinking about this, but not sure I will do it.  I kind of know what I like, but this would be kind of fun to do.  Would you buy paint samples?


This site provides lots of tips on picking out color too!

Welp, my daughters laptop just crashed so this is a short post!  I was lucky enough to upload this to my blog as a draft before it died completely.  I am going to try to reformat it and save it, but ??  At least my old laptop is still working… um, so far!

I guess I can add that to the list yesterday!  ;-()


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Pics–Painting

  1. I love PInterest – a bit too much unfortunately. We are also going to paint our living room – well ok I’ve been saying that for 3 years – but I can’t look at the ugly, beat up white walls anymore. We have a cathedral ceiling which makes it tough. I’m scared of heights. Dh is just a procrastinator & it will never get done. Too $$$ to hire someone. Oh yeah, THAT’S why we haven’t painted yet!

    • OH my gosh, the cost to have someone do this work is redic!!! I even tried to see how much just to have the cupboards stripped. FOR.GET.IT! Crazy expensive. I am a do it yourself gal now!

    • HI Tanner, I am sure I can fix it. I will just reformat it. We will probably get at least a year or two out of it, depending on my kids needs in highschool. Mine is not so hot, and probably not worth salvaging. Bad power adapter on the mother board and has to have a mouse hooked up externally all the time, but at least it works! 😉

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