Pinterest Pics – Honey Birds


When my daughter was a little girl, she would point at Humming birds and say  “Look Mommy, Honey Birds”!  My heart melted.


I placed this Honey Bird feeder on my patio and lately they are loving the mix and  I love having this right outside my kitchen window!  The other day there were four of them sitting on it and feeding at the same time!


I found a cool online photo editor so I changed it up today!    Fun borders.

My images aren’t so great, but check out these images from Pinterest! 

This one is so vibrant!


I cannot believe how small and fast they are.


There are so many species,  it amazes me how their bills changed to adapt. 

Natural Selection at its finest.

This one looks like the ones at my house.


Even around my house they come in different colors!


These are lovely pictures.  There is no website associated with most of them to give them full credit for their lovely work!

Look at this thirsty guy!   or… gal!


Look at this rare Albino!


Here’s the website for this one, thank goodness!  Like a Dove Humming bird!!

Well, with that, I am going to close!  I am painting this weekend.  I have lots to do too.

My kid starts her golf lessons, we have our Spanish lesson and she has a camp sleep over.  Looks like I am on my own painting. 

I have to get it done this summer!  I decided not to work on the kitchen cabinets as it just scares me and I will never get painting done with that fear.  So I can do them last!

Sherwin-Williams has a paint sale going on right now, 30% off!  I am off to buy paint in the morning!

Have a wonderful evening!


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