Kitchen – Day One

Painting has begun and you have no idea how excited I am to be getting this done.  I have not had the time, money or energy tackle this project.

This morning I headed out with my samples and ideas!


I love the colors I chose.


For the kitchen I chose a nice light shade of yellow.  A lady at the store cautioned me to be VERY CAREFUL that yellow can be too bright, so I think I chose well.  You will see it on the walls tomorrow night!  I am doing that dark color for the bottom of the chair rail and the lighter one for the top of the wall and the rest of the living room.

I headed to the store!


For my 30% off plus 10.00 more with a coupon I found online!


I spent 123.00 on 4 gallons and a quart and this stuff is great!  Hardly any smell and the coverage is great, so far!

Then I headed home and got to work prepping!


I am so glad I decided to worry about the cabs last!


I would still not be moving on this job if I had to worry about them!


Such a big job!

We got busy painting the ceiling with a nice bright white.


What color was my ceiling before, dingy soot dream?


I cannot tell you how hard it was or how nice I think it looks!

But I gotta get some sleep, gonna lay on the yellow tomorrow and hopefully start the living room!

I have wonderful news about my kids golf and her new coach!

Night all!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen – Day One

  1. Watch the yellow! Someone painted my kitchen yellow way back when (I rent a house). Yuck! It needs to be about ten shades lighter, and it’s not that bright. Butternut yellows can look nice, but avoid the lemon yellows.

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