Painting – Day 2 Girl Power


Last night I was EXHAUSTED so I didn’t post.  I knew that if I posted it wouldn’t be a very good one.   I decided to wait until today to show you Day Two!

I have lots to show you!  I want to start with the kitchen. WOW-WEE!!! (not in a good way!

Check this out! 


Looks like a decent yellow right?


Here it is pretty much done!


Interesting…. it looks pretty good in the pictures.  It actually looks like it should!


It doesn’t look anything like this in person.  It has this weird lime green cast to it and it just clashes with everything.  (Go back to the first picture, you can kind of see a hit of it on the top edge)

The funny thing is I didn’t notice it until it was up and completely done.  We are not sure where it’s coming from.  Maybe from the plants outside.  But honestly, we think a re-paint of the kitchen is in our near future.  But first, I’m so done in there, I moved on.

Now for the living room.  And again, we were completely freaked out about that color too. At least you can’t go wrong with the ceiling!


It’s really nice and clean.  Just what I wanted.


Now the best part… the dreaded chair rail.

I drew my check marks across the wall, measuring up from the base board, then I took a ruler and connected them. 

We then painted the top color first, then the bottom, meeting at the line.  Not bad huh? 


We were so nervous that this yellow was to bright and that the tan was too orange.  OMG!

We took time out and went for dinner and then to Home Depot to pick up the chair rail.


By the time we got back the paint and dried and thankfully, it looked much better.

Once the rail got up, we loved it!


Here is the kid filling the nail holes.


Do you like the color? 

When I was at Home Depot a nice older gentleman walked by as I was wondering what kind of nails to use. 

He didn’t work there, just a really nice man.  He showed me what kind of nails to use as well as this handy dandy tool!


It looks like a little chisel but once you get the nails hammered in (studs are every 16 inchs btw) you then go back with this tool and kind of pound the nails in a little bit so you can fill them and paint and you can’t see them!  Cool huh?  If he wasn’t walking by and a nice guy, I would never have known that!

Now I have a nail setter and also a saw with a miter box!  Who needs dudes.  Girl Power!

Tonight I got another wall done and it was hard because you can’t see in the evening as well.  Then my wireless went out because I unplugged everything and had to put it all back together, TV, Wireless router, cable etc.  Joy!

More paint pics tomorrow.  See you then. 

2 thoughts on “Painting – Day 2 Girl Power

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! I do like the two tones of yellow. Glad they didn’t turn too bright and too contrasting. My brother spent 3 months hunting for “the perfect gray” and ended up painting their livingroom a warm yellow/golden color. He never did find the gray, but did try about 24 of them!

    • That’s what I was so afraid of. The brightness, but they did tone down. I thought about spending some money and trying some different paint, but I just couldn’t afford to do that and I was afraid I would be like your bro and not be able to choose. I just went for it! 😉

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