Painting – Day 3


Half way done!  The living room and kitchen are done.  I have to move on down the hall and do my very small bathroom and then my bedroom.  I am excited to get the sage green off those walls in my bedroom and put some kind of color up in the bathroom, even if only one wall in there.

I am tired, sore and ready to be done.  😉

I got the Sunflower yellow up on all the walls day before yesterday and was actually able to concentrate on putting up more of the Terra Cotta color last night.  I thought I should add more to tie in the chair rail which I love!


Again, you can’t really see how warm that yellow is.  But its a bit deeper here than it looks. 

You can see a contrast here with the kitchen yellow a little better.


That’s more like it. 

See the divider wall window?  I decided to fill those in with Terra Cotta and do the wall that the door is on in that color as well.  Here is the divider with no color:


Here it is painted in the Terra Cotta color:

dividerwithDArk color2

That was not easy to paint BTW!

dividerwithDArk color

And here is the color over the door.


I am really liking this combo (for now).


Last night I started cleaning up a bit and putting things back together.


Still kind of a mess!


It’s getting there.

Tonight I have to make dinner, take kid to driving range… (oh my gosh!  I have such good news about that)  Then come back and help her organize her room and do some laundry. 

Tomorrow night, driving range and then come back and start taping the hall and getting the bathroom ready. 

Friday is my day off and that will be the day that my bedroom gets started as well.  I hope to be done by Sunday.

Golf News:  Lately, for the last month or so her swing has been way off and she has High school golf tryouts in just a few weeks!  So I hired a coach.  She went one time last Saturday.  I was afraid the coach would say just give it up!  I mean, know she has a beautiful swing, but I thought maybe that is just because I am her mother!  Well, after one hour, that kid is back on top of her game AND the coach said that with practice, she could be in the top 5 of her freshman class! 

Tonight at the driving range the Coach for the Girls Golf Team at the high school works the counter and if she demonstrates her ability to him and he approves, we can buy her a range card for 30.00 – for 90.00 worth of range balls! 

We are going to need them!

See you tomorrow or the next day with more painting news and updates!

Cost of Paint:  So far this paint and remodel has cost me less than 200.00!  That has taken care of all the paint and supplies! Woo Hoo!


6 thoughts on “Painting – Day 3

  1. I have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. I wish you well on your journey – you are doing great!

    • Thank you so much Sandra for your kind comment. I love to know I have readers who enjoy. Its a long haul to be sure but I am trying to focus on the outcome! Seems so far away!

    • Glad you like the colors, really! It is a scary combo! But I am pleased. Ready your blog today, so funny about the girl and the lanyard. I always say… don’t let the blond hair fool ya when people think I can do something techie… like at a store, where they don’t know what I do for a living! 😉

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