Work Work and More Work!


Well… if we are not working at home, we are working at work.   Hmmph!


This weekend (wouldn’t you know it would have to be a weekend that I am busy painting!) we are testing our generator switch to So. Cal Edison!

That means that our facility is going to be completely without power for hours.  This freaks me out! 

So when I freak out, I try to take control.

I made my list of things that should be shut down,  turned off or disabled before the SH*T  hits the unplugged fan!


Oh gosh, did I forget anything?   I am sure I did!  My list keeps growing!

My boss is so calm and cool right now and all I have been doing is making sure that everything on these servers is documented and available. 

This is a lot of equipment to take down at once.  It is the WHOLE network! 

But there is a silver lining!  I have been able to update a lot of our servers and will be able to update some firmware on our data storage disks because we are forced to shut them down! 


This update has been on my desk waiting for some such time.  That’s a good thing.


I took the night off last night from painting.  We hit the driving range and the coach was not there so my kiddo could not demonstrate for him.  Soon!!  I need that money saving range card! 

I’m off all tomorrow so will get back into it.  I will get into the hall and the bathroom. 

Saturday is the big day to come in to work and ensure that all that equipment is shut down gracefully.   We are not going to stick around to see if it all comes up but instead, come in on Monday morning and turn things back on.  Unless I can talk him out of that!!!  I would rather come back on Sunday and turn it all on!

Monday morning while everyone is waiting to surf the net and check their emails could be too much drama!  😉

Will keep you posted…. as long as I have power! 😉

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