Painting Plans – Bedroom

Tomorrow is a big day!  I decided to tackle my room first as I continue the painting job!

I think it is the next big job so I better get to it.  Tomorrow I will have a full day to work on it too!

I started by taking things down and putting them in my closet which is not going to get a paint job right away…. I don’t think!  But you never know.


I would say that ceiling could use a face lift!

I remember 13 years ago when I moved in here how excited I was to have green walls.  You see, I came from years of apartment living!  White Walls!


But now I’m done with the green paint.  I’m also done with this little necklace holder.

necklaces thing

And I’m done with this mirror!


(sorry bout the mess)

I think I have found a replacement for the mirror.  A lady at work is retiring and has an office,  Today I told her that I love her painting and if she wanted to get rid of it, I would take it! Well, she GAVE it to me and it matches this:


It has a beautiful frame and I’m thinking of taking down the mirror and putting it there!

What do you think?  I will sneak in her office and get a quick pick of it to show you.  I am so excited.

I am also taking down this:


Buddha!  I have had it for quite a while and I just don’t want this anymore.  I don’t think I will replace it yet.

I got busy tonight and just cleared the room.

Oh..remember when I shortened the curtains?


I took that hem out.  It was weird.  I do weird stuff and then I have to fix it later.  Do you?  Doh!

So tomorrows plan is to paint in here.

I have two gallons of paint in my garage that I did not let go.  I have a peanut butter and a really creamy color.  The gallon of antique white that I recently bought looks like yellow to me so that is going in the hall and bath, and the creamy is going in my bedroom.

I’m gonna stretch those gallons by putting one diff color on the smaller walls in each room.

That will be right up there with the weird stuff I do that I have to fix later probably!

😉  See you tomorrow night… less green!


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