Painting – Day 4

I cannot believe I am typing from my new bedroom!

This morning after I dropped my girl off at her camp I came back and was faced with lots of green!


So I got busy taping!


Then edging:


Then finally we got the ceiling painted.


After that I had a decision to make.  I only bought one can of paint for my bedroom and the one I bought looked too YELLOW. Yep more Yellow!

So I had these cans of paint!


I brought them up, thank goodness I did not give them away at the garage sale!  Check out these prices. I bought them about a year ago!


So I used one of these to paint two walls in my room.  One is Behr primer with color. It is thick!  But then I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough, so I used the antique white that I bought at Sherwin Williams too.  It looks yellow, that’s why I didn’t want to use the whole can!


It works.  Its neutral.


It doesn’t look that yellow now!


Sorry for the bad pic, its night.


I will show you tomorrow when the curtains are open.

Now I have to get some sleep!


Tomorrow, I have to work then come and get to the bathroom and hallway then I am done with the big stuff!

G’night all!


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