Painting – Day 5


I am almost done!  Check this out.

I got up, went to work, spent 6 hours there (successfully and network is up and running) then came home and got busy on the bathroom.

Whew!  What a lot of work this last week has been.


I used the Antique white to cover up these drab old walls!



It really looks yellow here, but not like that in person.  It will be pretty with my brown and gold curtains!

Since I did get started late, it seemed appropriate to bust out some wine!


What a combo huh? 


It really helped me get thru this day of work!!


It turned out so pretty. 

But again, I decided to not kill myself and I even made dinner in the middle of the mess!


I whipped up the Linguini & Clams.  Well I actually used Fettuccine and it was awesome!


Have you tried this yet?  It is so good, I could eat it once a week, but I am so sensitive to processed food, the pasta kills me, but oh my gosh, it is worth it!

Tomorrow we are hanging a new towel rack so that my kid will keep her towels and reuse them.  Now the end up on her floor.  I hope this rack works.


I did not get to the hall.  I a pooped.


And out of energy.  But I plan to tackle this soon.  I decided not to buy more paint but try to use that Peanut butter I already have here.  I think it will be pretty!

The price was right.  I am tapped now!

So there you have it.  Tomorrow, we put all the stuff back up inn the bathroom and then I need to clean.  The floors are awful.

(Want to know a secret?  I feel that this is the best time for me to squeeze in this little remodel and a new door.  After this year, its gonna get really hard)  Just a feeling!

I gotta go weigh in tomorrow, I don’t even remember the last time!

See you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Painting – Day 5

  1. Wow, looks like you are super busy. Wine is needed in situations like that! The color looks yellow in the photo but I can picture the actual color and I’m sure it will be elegant and understated.

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