Painting Last Day – 52 Week Challenge

Okay, I am so over it. I have worked so hard!  Let me show you.

The kitchen:


I was afraid I would not like the color, but now I do!  I still need to paint the little art piece and put that up on that back wall.  Also, I need to paint the heater vents.  Phew!

The living room:


Love the color!


I still need paintings.  I know what I want, I just can’t afford them.  I need to save.

Now the bathroom:


It turned out pretty and warm.

There was some towel rack drama today.  We tried to hang a double towel rack and it was so rickety that you could just knock it down by breathing  on it.  I took it down and put this up until I can figure out what to do!


I do love the color here too.

So I still have things to do, I have trim to paint and I have to fill and paint my chair rail and I have the hallway.  But I put away all the paint – I need to catch my breath.  That was a lot of work.

Not only did we paint but we were able to fix the bathroom sink that was not working.  The stopper was stuck, so we replaced that for $12.00.  Then my garage door remote quit so we needed to find the right kind of batteries and a replacement screw for that.

I feel like we accomplished so much!

I also ordered this baby!


The door was cheap (relatively) but the install and threshold and all that… Oh My Gosh, I am so broke!  I actually borrowed the money to do this!  Ugh.  I have partial but will save for the rest.

I feel kind of bad because I know that is money that should be going in savings.  But I also know that my kid is starting high school and I know that our door and home needed this small update and it will make a huge difference.

I think that is all for the year. Next summer I will do the crown molding, MYSELF!  So every summer if I can pull it off I plan to do a little something.

Tonight I still have to organize my room a little, but I can manage and I do feel like I have my space back!

I had to catch up on the 52 week challenge – I had to do last Sunday and today, so I did the least expensive ones I could.


$14.00 for today.

Are you still doing the challenge?  It is not easy!

I bushed, see you tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Painting Last Day – 52 Week Challenge

  1. The door is very pretty. And I’m curious about that towel solution. We share the 1 bathroom in the place I rent now, and goodness, there’s towels everywhere! I just bring mine to/from my room, but I’d like to organize them in a way it makes sense.

  2. The painting looks good, nice and cheerful like you seem to be. Am going to fund weeks 20-30 this week. This will go into savings even though a great deal more will come out! As DM used to say,”Everyday is graduation day -on to something new!”

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

  3. Lovely door and paint updates! I’ve been going through renovations and painting myself. It wears you out quick! Physically and $$$ lol. I’m very behind on the 52 week challenge. 😦 Trying to play catch up, wasn’t as easy to keep up with as I expected.

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