Important Breakthrough..,

Today I was thinking about all the things I think about when I am fearful.  You have seen me go there!


What good can come by being scared all the time.  I’ll only freak me and my kid out, she can tell when I’m stressed.  I also get distracted at work and can’t concentrate, I don’t sleep or eat well, the list goes on.

I made this financial decision and I have to live with it a long time and during that time, I do not want to live that way.


I’m not going to be fearful, scared or intimidated by my financial situation.  I’m going to live my life and be as happy as I can be, regardless of the financial situation I am in.  There are people in worse!  I’m actually a very lucky lady.

I’m grateful for my too small condo, my two kitties, my daughter, my health such as it is and  my job!


Lately I’ve been wondering if I will ever RELAX.  Will I constantly be worried that there is not enough, that things will go south that this will not work?  I worry that I might lose it all in the end.

Second guessing this situation will get me nothing but more wrinkles and disease from all the stress.  It will drive a wedge between me and my daughter!


So with that… I’m going to remain forever grateful for the things I do have, remain positive that this will work out in the end and know that I can handle this challenge that I signed up for.

I know that the timing was perfect for me to do this and…

The time is now to RELAX!


4 thoughts on “Important Breakthrough..,

  1. This used to be so me. I read on a blog once – Do You Have a Problem Today? It has helped and my thinking is different. I have reminders about this at my computer at home, at work, etc. I was grateful that I read that blog – seriously. I am not in panic mode any more because, honestly, most days I do not have a problem. I find your blog uplifting. Thanks

    • Hello there! I love that and I hope I remember it! I sure don’t have a problem today! As a matter of fact, when I get great, positive comments like this, I feel great! Thank you for sharing and stopping by!

  2. Your blog is always so happy, cheerful, and full of pretty pictures. Maybe if you get stressed, you should read it as if you were a visitor to it. 🙂

    I think that almost everyone stresses about money, even people who are objectively well-off by American standards. In some ways, that helps me to be calmer; after all, part of the Serenity Prayer is to not worry over that which we cannot change. In other words, almost no amount of money is ever “enough”, and if it is, you have another pile of problems (eg being a target for theft, extortion, kidnapping; having your relatives be nasty about your wealth). I just try to put my head down, earn as much as I can, push my career forward, and (fingers crossed) stay healthy.

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