When My Budget is Tight…

I crave carbs!  Why is that?


I really shouldn’t eat carbs because when I do, my tummy turns cartwheels!


I feel so much better when I stay away from processed foods and sugar~!

It’s so weird!  When my wallet starts getting tight, I want to make huge pots of pasta, vats of rice, great big sandwich’s, lots of ice cream and WINE!

I don’t understand.  But maybe… just maybe it stems from when I was a kid.

I watched my mom cook for nine kids and whoever else we drug in with us to the table.


She always whipped up a big pot of something!  There always had to be lots of food and it usually consisted of a lot of CARBS!

Maybe subconsciously I think I can  s t r e t c h   my dollar by eating like that, or maybe its a comfort for me.


Maybe both!

There is one thing I know for sure, after a few days of eating processed carbs, I am one sick girl.  I  should know better!

I love me a big bowl of pasta prepared any ol’ way!  Linguini and clams or with butter and parm or a nice meat sauce!

So today, I am sticking with a nice lean piece of chicken, a veggie, some cheese and a boiled egg.  Sound good?  Not really!  But it is not expensive and it is the way I need to eat!  Some salmon tonight with another fresh veggie.  How hard is that?

I need to remind myself that eating clean is for my health!   I also need to go and buy another spaghetti squash because it seems like I am on a pasta kick that is gonna kick my…

Do you do that, do you get all crazy with pasta?  Do you start eating comfort foods when your wallet is tight?


2 thoughts on “When My Budget is Tight…

  1. I love pasta, but have been overdoing it lately and am almost sick of it. Time for quinoa, rice, and such.

    Stress does trigger carb cravings. But your dinner sounds really good! Starbucks has these protein boxes – a hard boiled egg, cheese, crackers, fruit, and a nut spread – and they are good, but pricey. I sometimes make the exact same thing at home, then pack it for lunch for work, and it is about half the cost.

    • Those are great lunch ideas. My kid is taking salads now too so that makes it nice and healthy! I have been trying to be super careful with what I eat, but at my age, you just miss things so much if you don’t have them once in awhile!

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