National Thrift Store Directory

Lately, I have been staying out of thrift stores!  I mean, a person could go broke from buying old junk just as easily as buying new junk, right?

And I just got rid of a bunch of junk~ (planning to get rid of more in a few weeks)!


However, I did find this really cool website.  Just enter in the info, zip or city and state and viola, you get a list of all the junk stores in your area!


Now if you are like  me there are no surprises what is actually IN your area.  (These are a little out of my area actually)!

I think this might be cool if you are going out of town and want to hit up some new junk stores as something to do!  I love to do that!  Remember when we did that in Santa Barbara?  That was fun!

I am planning a road trip in November. (Can’t afford to fly) and so I was thinking it might be fun to stop in one town on the way and do some junkin!


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