Keeping to a Schedule

It seems like forever since I have done my lake walk, so this morning, even though my our schedule was full, I decided to set the alarm and get my butt out there.


It was a little funky, but it didn’t take long for the sun to come out and for me to take off my sweatshirt!


I do walk every single day up the trails at work, but this is an hour and its just nice to be able to walk out my door and have this lake to walk near.


It’s a good thing!

My day was crazy today…


My walk this morning, my daughters golf lesson, Spanish lesson and then later, my daughter had a volunteer meeting at her camp.

(I did the Home Depot return last night.)

Tomorrow there is nothing on the schedule except a round of golf with my kid.  She needs to get out there and play the game instead of just hitting the driving range all the time.  So she and I are going to play 9 holes for the twilight cost.


Considering how much it can cost.

Usually on Friday during the day sometime, I take a moment and check out my calendar and make a list.  I add groceries, appts., errands to it.

I put it on the counter when I get home and my weekend is laid out and hopefully I won’t forget anything!

Tomorrow will be a day with my kid.  We plan to match socks and condition our hair!  Then golf in the evening.

What are your magnificent plans?


4 thoughts on “Keeping to a Schedule

  1. My weekend plans all revolved around my blood donation on Saturday. On Friday, it hit 100 degrees here, so my cat and I went to my boyfriend’s condo. His basement unit stays cool, even on brutal days. On Saturday, he made breakfast for me (egg white veggie omelette) and drove me to the Watertown Police Station to give blood. I thought that it was a particularly fitting place to donate, and wanted the drive to be a success – those officers went through hell in April.

    Then it was back to his condo, lots of lazing around, and more lazing around today. I went to the gym and got a half-mile swim in, and now I’m wiped out. Thankfully, it’s cooling off here.

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