52 Week Challenge Decision

Hello!  I hope all is going well in your neck of the woods.  (Isn’t that a great old saying?)  I like that one! Kind of like… “shoot the breeze”.  I like that one too.  “We are just gonna hang out and shoot the breeze!”  😉

Got up this morning, lounged around for a bit and took care of my weekly challenge.


A whopping $11.00 today.

But look, it is adding up!


Its close to 300.00!  Even Gracie is impressed.


I need to open an account just for this pretty soon and get it out of the house.

I have decided what I am saving for.



Okay, so maybe not THAT exactly! That my friends is what my first car looked like, same color and everything!  I LOVED it.

I have decided that I am saving for my daughters first car!  There is no way I can finance one for obvious reasons.  But I do want to help her.  In 3 or 4 years we will have around 4K plus from this little savings challenge.

I hope I can hold her off until she is 18!  But if she gets a job, can pay for insurance, gas and is responsible, I want to help.  She will definitely get a beater, just like mommy did.  And I loved it.

So anyway… that is what my 52 Week Challenge is going for.

Have you decided what you are going to use yours for?

Went for the lake walk this morning and then came home and got some work done around here before kiddo and I played Nine Holes!

Will share that tomorrow, it was such a great two hours!  It’s been too long.

See you tomorrow!

OMGosh,tomorrow…. my payment should come out for the trustee tomorrow – Number NINE!


6 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge Decision

  1. Awe that’s a wonderful goal and a beater is always a good choice for a first car lol. I’m playing catch up with my 52 week challenge, but I don’t have any plans for it yet. I’m just excited I’ve been able to keep a wad of cash in an envelope without it being spent!

  2. I’m slowly saving for my sister’s wedding next year – plane tickets, bridesmaid dress, present, all those fund things. I am also saving for my next car; I hope to get another five or six good years out of this one, and then buy the next one with cash. And have the next one be a great vehicle.

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