Payment Number Nine!

Hello!   I didn’t post last night because I have come down with a case of sinus!  I am better today because I took an allergy pill last night and this morning got to the store for daytime sinus relief.

I came home after dropping my daughter off and slept until 11:00!  I didn’t sleep well because of the sinus last night. Hopefully I can nip this in the bud.

I have good news…


I have been waiting with bated breath to see this payment taken from my account.

It seems like forever since my last payment.

I hate to wish away my life, but C’mon!  Just a little faster would be okay with me.

But here we are, one more month down and just that much closer to a Discharge.

Only 51 payments to go.   But who’s counting?

I can’t wait to reach the 40s.  Those are going to be great milestones. Then the 30s, then the 20s then 10s… then single digits!

No, I am not counting the days! What do you mean?  Not at all.

Check this out.

I swear to you I am NOT OBSESSED! 

I just  bought these new envelopes.  There are 40 in there.


I will use these to pay my mortgage.  When they are done, I will only have 11 payments to go as of today.

I am NOT obsessed.

See this?  How can you miss it right?  Need sunglasses.


I am going to use those to label all those envelopes plus the 11 more I will need to be done with my payments.  (I have to add a few more to this sheet)!  But who’s counting?

So when these labels are used up, I will be done!

I am not obsessed!

See this page?


Yep, I created it so that every time a payment is made, I update it so that I can see the progress.

I am not obsessed.

What makes you think I am obsessed?  Who’s obsessed?

I am beginning to think I might be a little obsessed and that might be why time is crawling.



6 thoughts on “Payment Number Nine!

  1. Hahaha. Yeah, you’re not obsessed at all. No sir. ((backs away veeeeeeery slowly))

    That’s an awesome idea though. You could even put a small number on the envelopes to keep track. I may totally steal that idea, though there just aren’t a lot of things I can pay via check these days… most are online, thankfully.

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  3. I know that swimming laps is different than the hell you are going through, but I always thought, “1/10th of the way through… 1/9th of the way… On lap fifteen, I rememeber being fifteen years old… 1/3d of the way… Now I hit the halfway mark….”

    Remember when you were at four? You’re twice as far along as you were then.

    • Thank you Bridget for the perspective!!! You are right. I am getting there… as long as life doesn’t throw any weird curve balls! I can’t wait to post about the latest fear, but sworn to secrecy until its over! WOW!

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