Scary List!

Being as budget conscious as I am, I listed everything I could think of that is coming up in the next week, as well what I know is coming soon.


When I totaled it, I freaked out!  $837.00!   Talk about scary!

So then I started crossing things off and doing what I could to minimize the blow.


And I got it down to $529.00.  It’s approximate.

The biggest issue is the high school total.  The list came right off a a flyer that I received informing us what needs to be paid for at registration in a couple of weeks.  I took off the year book.

I also took off the oil change and my hair.   I will be super careful at the market and made adjustments there too.

The “Drill” is a long story and I will share that with you another time.  I don’t NEED a drill right now, but there is an obligation to pay for this.  Again, long story.

Oh… and this list doesn’t even consider….


School clothes!  OMGosh… And Golf clothes if when she makes the team!

It’s time for me to button up as tight as I can.  I don’t think there would be a huge issue if I didn’t purchase this damn door and installation.  Wow, that was a huge purchase for me!


Okay, so bad timing financially, but perfect timing as my kid starts high school.  Where appearance means everything and a new door is cheaper than a new house, which is completely off the charts-  not going to happen –  in this life!  😉

The door was approved by the HOA and is being installed tomorrowYAY!  At least its scheduled,  but you never know!

I will manage. This will work out.

How come I feel like making a huge plate of Linguini and Clams right now!?

PS… I need to find a cheaper hair place!  But its my girlfriends daughter… still!

In the meantime, time to start Cherry Picking again!

I get out all the local ads and go over them and see if there is anything that can help me stretch my pantry.

I make a list of each store and if there is something better at the next store then I cross it off the first store.


As you can see Sprouts and Ralphs didn’t do well this week!

These additional items will help me stretch my current pantry items.   Its a good thing I live close to all these stores!

Then there is always this!


I always get my Rewards from CVS and “send it to my card” and when I go for things that are on my other list, I do very well!

You have to use these tricks in order to make your money S T R E T C H!!!

It really helps me and I just might get thru this next couple of months!

Tomorrow is my new door AND a lady at work gifted me with some Oil of Olay product.  FREE!  Hmmmm… I wonder if she sees the stress lines?

See you tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Scary List!

  1. I never, ever total in cost of regular clothes or foods. That always sneaks on my budgets. You’d think I’d learn by now?!

    A friend of mine always went to her friend’s mother’s salon, who was said to be giving her a GREAT deal on cut, highlights and styling. She ended up making an appointment elsewhere, last minute, before a trip, and saved over 60% what the mom was charging her! Remember, loyalties are to yourself first. So give some salons a call and see what they can offer. Nothing beats a great cut and color, but if you can get the same or similar for a cheaper price… everyone wins.

    Gotta love a 30% off purchases! Wow. Wish my grocery store would do that sometimes.

    • I am going to post the best deals I found on golf clothes for my kid and for me! I headed to the thrift store because even online, they are redic!!!! You will die when you see my deal!

  2. Look into Groupons for hair salons. You can get some really good deals.

    Years ago, I started changing my own oil. (With my newer car, it’s harder, and the guy down the street charges $10 plus materials, so I have him do it.) I did synthetic oil changes for about $25. Got the oil and filter at Wal-Mart, gradually got supplies (like a sockt wrench for the nut and a spiffy oil change pan), and bought 25 gaskets at Advanced Auto Parts.

    The first time, it took me two and a half hours; the last time I did it, it took me fifteen minutes.

      • No; I buy the supplies at Wal-Mart and pay the guy down the road $10 to do the actual work. It was really easy on my old car – a car that was once described as being able to be maintained with duct tape and a hammer – but the “new” car is harder to work on. Not impossible, but harder.

        I also used to do my own brakes. If ou can change tire, you can change disc brakes. Saves so much money – I spent about $40 doing my front brakes. My boyfriend did front and back for less than $50.

        Thanks for the reminder: I have to do that today!

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