My New Door Finally!

I am pleased to introduce you to my latest update to my condo!

But first, the ugly old door!  Never to be seen again!

So many reasons I HATED this ugly thing.  See the top of the door?  It never actually closed up there.  Wait till you see the bottom!


This is the bottom of that door, not only is there a terrible hole… there is a HUGE gap!  You can see the daylight thru the crack!

During the winter, I took that blue painters tape and put it up as well as a towel on the bottom of the door to keep the cold air out!


The outside of the door was ugly too!  It had a huge hole that I covered up with a brass kick plate.  I’m clever like that!  Ha ha!


The screen door was old and just made noise when you opened and closed it and there must have been others up before because there were many old latches!


Nice huh?  This door even had a special way to open and close it!  You had to push and turn the knob.  How embarrassing when people had to be let out!

So now the new door!  It opens, it closes, it has no gaps and its actually pretty!



ADDED:  I need to add this photo of the door open!




Unfortunately I have to paint it that ugly color, but there is no getting around it.  I have to do what the HOA insists we do!  It will still be pretty!





That is the best money I have ever spent.  The whole space looks newer, and everyone that has seen it loves it too!  They can actually let themselves out!

So there it is my last big splurge.  I hope that the recent paint job and this new door will tide us over and at least make us more comfortable in our home as we make it thru this Bankruptcy.

The money came out of our budget.   We are doing it cash!

It has been TEN years that I have wanted that darn door!

I just know my Buddha is in a much better place too!  Our patio is done!


I have to paint it now, but that is no big deal.

Tomorrow I’ll show you some of THE BEST golf clothes I have ever found for less than the cost of one brand new shirt!

Have a wonderful Saturday!  See you tomorrow and may your door open and close easily!

9 thoughts on “My New Door Finally!

  1. I’ll agree with you the color is a bit… odd. Is that like a lime’ish yellow creamcycle? But looks awesome nonetheless! So much better, for sure. I am sure you may have more visitors now that they don’t feel literally trapped inside. Patio looks awesome too.

    • Thank you! I WUV my new door. But I have to make it not so pretty soon with the HOA paint, but its so much better than the one before. I feel so civilized! lol

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